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We will carry out a One-coin Testing for HIV (AIDS)

公開日|2021.09.30 更新日|2023.01.12



The HIV One Coin Test will not be held for the time being.
Thank you for your understanding.


We are going to have a One coin (500yen) HIV testing day, with less than 10 minutes of time spent at the clinic!

Due to the novel Coronavirus infection outbreak, many of the Public health centers have ceased HIV free testing.

We hope to reach out to those who are worried about HIV infection, or those who do not have time during the week, or those who cannot afford testing at clinics due to expensive fee.


【For those who want to prevent HIV】

Prophylactic medication for HIV ⇒ PEP ・ PrEP




(1) 9th HIV one coin testing day overview

Date:24th October 2021 (Sun) 13:00~16:00

Venue : Personal Health Clinic   Ueno Fuji building 6F Yushima 3-39-3 Bunkyoku, Tokyo

👉Access details

Tests:Rapid HIV test + Rapid Syphilis test

(If you ever got syphilis infection in the past, let us know. We shall do RPR/TPHA quantitative test instead)

Fee : 500 yen (including tax)

Note : Appointment only (no walk-ins) , no insurance cover



(2) About advance reservation

To avoid congestion during the novel coronavirus era, we shall hold this project with advance reservation. Please choose your suitable time in advance and come on time.

① first, register our official LINE accout (Click here)

Select bottom left button (One coin reservation) and choose your suitable time


③ After reservation, please answer the Web questionnaire (Click here)



(3) What to do before the day

●To minimize time spent at the clinic, please answer the Web questionnaire beforehand

(You can choose to use a fake name, but make sure we are able to match you and the name)

●In the web questionnaire, we ask for your past Syphilis infection to make sure we do the right test for you

For those with no past syphilis infection → Rapid syphilis test

For those with past syphilis infection → Syphilis RPR/TPHA quantitative test (Report will be sent after 3 days)

●To avoid congestion, please come to the clinic on the exact time you booked (Please don’t come too early or too late)

●Please wear a mask

●Have 500 yen ready



(4) About the flow of the day

1.At the reception, you will be asked to write your name you reserved with on a paper

(for privacy purposes, we do non-verbal communication)

2.After checking your reservation, we shall ask you for 500 yen, and give you a number ticket

3.When you are called by the number, you will do blood test for rapid HIV and Syphilis. For those with past syphilis infection, please let us know on the Web questionnaire

4.Once you make sure bleeding has stopped, please return the number ticket at the reception and you are free to leave

5.Your results will be sent to your LINE within an hour



(5) How to get your results

1.About Rapid HIV test report

・If negative, the result will be reported as NEGATIVE (-) to your LINE account

・If positive, you shall receive a report [Please come get explanation from the doctor] . The positive result doesn’t automatically mean HIV positive. There are possibilities of false positives, so you are advised to get explanation from our doctor and get further test done.

(Our director is currently a physician at AIDS Clinical Center (ACC) seeing HIV patients everyday. So even if you become HIV positive, you shall be followed at the ACC for treatment)


2.About Syphilis test report

・For those with positive results, you will be asked to come to the clinic for explanation and treatment. (treatment will be charged)

・For those with past syphilis infection, RPR/TPHA quantitative test will be done, and for those who request for explanation, you can book for an appointment at later times. (consultation fee will be charged)


(6) Q&A

How is One Coin possible?

It is our hope to provide HIV testing service to as many people as possible. Feel free to come with your friends too.


How is 10 minutes possible?

If reservation and Web questionnaire is done in advance, we will have all your information beforehand. Once you come to the clinic, we will take your blood sample and off you go. Your results will be sent to your LINE later. So in total, 10 minutes will be enough.


Why test syphilis also?

Syphilis in Japan has been rising since 2015, and we opt to test together with HIV for your benefit.