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HIV prophylaxis (nPEP : non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis)

Personal Health Clinic Tokyo offers HIV prophylaxis medications for non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP)


Our clinic supports patients in emergency use of HIV antiviral medicationsto reduce the chances of HIV infection after risky exposure through unprotected sex.


nPEP differs from PrEP, which means Pre-exposure prophylaxis, that is used when medication is used daily to prevent infection prior to exposure.


nPEP offers the possibility of preventing HIV transmission when potential exposure to HIV has already occurred. Situations that may prompt a request for nPEP include condom slippage, breakage, or lapse in use by serodiscordant partners; unsafe needle-sharing; or other episodic exposure to blood.


nPEP is recommended to;

1. Those who are currently HIV negative

2. Had unsafe (unprotected) sex within the past 72 hours

3. Or Exposed to HIV positive person either through sex or use of syringe.


Use of nPEP is currently recommended by many health authorities, including the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the US CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), but there are no policy statements or local guidelines regarding nPEP in Japan.


The decision to use nPEP is made by the patient, with doctor’s advice. Usually the potential risks of infection versus the adverse effects of taking antiviral medications are considered, and also the total cost.


Please call our clinic as soon as possible for advice,
on 03-5817-4415.

For consultation you may visit our clinic on this web site. Our doctors offer excellent guidance and management on HIV prophylaxis, and the medication will be dispensed within the clinic immediately.


What you may need to know:

1. No insurance card needed. (nPEP is not covered by Japanese National Health Insurance, thus expensive) Credit cards are accepted.

2. consultation + blood test fee charged initially for those taking the nPEP medication

3. Medication is taken daily for 28days for 100% effectiveness.

4. Initial blood tests are taken for confirmation of HIV negativity.

5. You will need to return at four weeks and three months for follow up testing.

6. Note that the use of antiviral medications for the purpose of nPEP is not an approved indication in Japan



Consultation + Initial blood testing 6,000yen (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C)

The preferred regimen: Truvada once daily + Raltegravir (isentress) 400 mg twice daily
8,000yen / day
224,000yen discounted to 221,000yen if taken for 28days

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Click here for an appointment FIND YOUR DOCTOR