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【Movie】How to check the test result(LINE)

公開日|2020.12.22 更新日|2023.01.25




①  Before checking your results

②  How to check the test results

③  FAQ

④  Contact


<Before checking your results>

・When can I log in ?
➡ It depends on the type of test.


・Will I be notified when I can log in ?
➡ No, there will be no notification from our clinic.


<How to check the test results>


① After the test, you will receive a massage from our clinic

② Check your ID number

③ Tap the login URL to go to the login page


④ Enter your ID number

⑤ Password is Birthday(YYMMDD)+Test date(YYMMDD)
【Note】The first two digits of the year are not required

⑥ Tap the login button


⑦ Check the test results !



※There are tests to watch out for.



Why is it displayed as [Please check your login information] ?
☑ Has the required number of days passed ?
☑ Is your “ID No” & “Password” correct ?

I had a rapid test, but no results are displayed.
☑ The result of the rapid test is not displayed on the WEB.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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〇 E-mail:info@ph-clinic.org

〇 TEL    :03-5817-4415